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Strains, Strains, Strains

As a beginner, you may see or hear about cannabis strains. Which strain is best? What do I choose? What's a hybrid strain? Let us show you the way.

Strain Types

Cannabis is classified into two types, Indica or Sativa. There is no "better" strain, however, each person may have a different preference. Your own body chemistry, method of consumption, mood, physical setting and more can effect your experience with being high, no matter the strain.


Flowers that are labelled as Indica are thought to have sedative physical effects, such as relaxation. However, as explained before, this effect can be different for each person based on numerous elements.


Flowers that are labelled as Sativa are thought to have energizing effects, such as mental and physical stimulation.


Hybrid strains are a mix of both strains, to provide the best of both worlds.

Browse our flowers to find what your preferred strain is!

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