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How To Store Your Cannabis Properly

Where you keep your buds matter! Learn how to keep your flower fresh and last longer with our storage tips.

To much contact with air, moisture and oil can cause the flower to lose its quality. Remember when we used to keep it in a Ziploc baggie? Let's upgrade.

Keep It Cool

High temperatures can cause the flower to dry out, while freezing temperatures can affect the potency.

No Moisture!

Many think that mold cannot occur on your buds, but that could not be more wrong. Mold can occur with to much moisture. It is bet to regulate the humidity of your flowers. However, we do not recommend a cigar box as the oils from the box can affect the flavour.

Keep It Clean

It is important that your containers are clean and free from any bacteria, dirt or spores. The best containers for optimal quality and shelf life are glass, such as a mason jar.

Keep It Dark

Just as colour fade in the sun, your buds can dry out and lose potency. It is best to keep it in a dark moisture free zone, away from sunlight.

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