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Staff Spotlight: Turmeric & Arnica Recovery Balm

One of our weekly staff spotlights is Rebound by Stewart Farms, Turmeric & Arnica Recovery Balm.

An all natural, plant-based recovery balm featuring a thoughtfully designed blend of Ayurvedic botanicals trusted for centuries to help you Rebound from all that life throws your way! It is lovingly crafted in small batches and packaged in a reusable 25g tin. One tin contains a balanced and potent blend of 250mg of CBD and 250mg of THC to enhance absorption. The quick-absorbing, non-greasy, and highly moisturizing formulation is designed with pure essential oils, fruit butter, and deeply penetrating botanical extracts making it suitable for all external areas of the body and face.

Perfect for those days where your feeling a bit sore and need a pick me up.

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