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Meet Our Budtenders

Welcome to our new series of Meet Our Budtenders, in which we will be showing off our lovely staff members, they will talk about their current favourite products and you can learn a little bit about them.

Meet Lyndsy, our amazing manager and your local budtender. Lyndsy has been in the industry for 5 years now so they know what's up and is here to give you top tier recommendations.

Words From Lyndsy

“One thing I like to stress when you come into the store, is that if you're new, do NOT be afraid to ask questions. That is literally why I am here, to aid you in your journey. I love when new customers or experienced customers ask me for recommendations, that way I can let them know what is going on based on their needs. Let me know what you're in for, I would never push a product on someone that I knew couldn't handle it. I promise I am super friendly! For me, the personal relationship of this job is what I love. I want customers to come back after a recommendation so we can chat about it!”

Product Recommendations

“My top three products recently are: Pure Sunfarms D. Bubba, BZAM Amherst Sour Diesel, and General Admission Honeydew Boba Infused Pre-Roll.

D. Bubba is a classic, it tastes like classic legacy and you cannot go wrong with a good pink kush. I typically like most items from Pure Sunfarms but this one is a classic for me. Sour Diesel, that is my cleaning. That one is my go-to for having to do things, I will get high no matter what but sometimes I need a little oomph. If I smoke Indica, I will get distracted and play with things but if I get a really good Sativa, I have a mission. I like the Honeydew Pre-Roll because they are really tasty, they do the job, it is like a fancy treat when I want to treat myself.”

Next time you head into the store make sure you say hey to Lyndsy!

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